Advertising for international reach and awareness through placement in the MWS livestream. Prices for partners, revenues for locations.

Category: B2B

For B2B customers who want to place their advertising in a digital medium with an international reach and a broad target audience, we offer the MWS advertising package. Our advertising package includes the display of an advertising banner on the flat screen of the MWS system as well as a placement on the MWS website.

Ad banner examples:

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Advertisers can let their advertisement work for them by effectively drawing the attention of all viewers (players and audience) to the flat screen and thus also to the advertising banners, since the displays on the flat screen (livestream, scoreboard and analysis board) are an integral part of the system usage.

We are at your disposal for information and inquiries:

+43 (0)664 345 41 57

The advertising banners are shown in all usage modes of the system alternately on the flat screens of all switched on systems worldwide. The usage modes of the system include all remote and local applications and the start screen. For remote applications, the advertising banners are displayed in the footer of the livestream, for local applications in the footer of the scoreboard or analysis board, and when the start screen is called up, the advertising banners are displayed full-screen.

Advertising, that catches your eye

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Companies as well as locations and private individuals can become cooperation & advertising partners. The net price for our partners is € 40 per advertisement and per month. Locations that acquire partners for MWS receive a proportionate commission.

Cooperation & advertising partners

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