Purchase modules

An optimal form of investment for small investors, starting with a deposit of Euro 150.

  • The deposit subscribed by the investor will be used exclusively for the production and installation of a MYWEBSPORT system.
  • The rate of return is 2.5% higher than the current 3-months Libor, but amounts to at least 5%.
    • The rate of return is quarterly (March 31st, June 30th, Sep. 30th, Dec. 31st) transferred to the bank account notified by the investor.
    • The payout starts for the quarter which follows the payment of the deposit.
  • On successful conclusion of sale the invested amount plus a 2% bonus is paid to the investor.
    • Payout is made immediately after the purchase price is paid by the customer.
  • The profit share (rate of return) is subject to CGT. This has to be paid by the investor itself.

Questions should be directed to info@mywebsport.com.