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Via MWS you can play with players who are at another MWS location somewhere in the world. There are several ways in which you can get in contact with other MWS users in order to play ad hoc together, to arrange games for a later date with each other, or simply to exchange ideas with them.

On the MWS system, every logged-in user can individually specify in the settings of the live list whether he or she would like to appear as available for other users at other locations. You can find this feature on the terminal screen on the right in the header. All available users are visible in the live list and can establish a remote connection with each other in order to start new games and trainings, and to communicate with each other audiovisually.

The MWS community also organizes itself independently on the various social media platforms in order to be able to exchange ideas within the community of interests. This is often done in the form of private groups, where the admittance of new group members is regulated in such a way that existing members can add new ones - no problem in the age of social media, just push a button. So that the groups are not spammed, you have to know someone for admittance into one of these groups, who is already a member and admits you. If you are interested, just ask at your location or with us.

For all MWS users and interested parties, we offer public information channels on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram (listed below) in order to be able to provide information about the latest MWS news (support messages, program information, etc.) as quickly as possible and with a high reach. There is no exchange of customer data between these social networks and MWS, you can find more information in our privacy policy.

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The communication channel of MWS on Telegram ( allows the timely information of the channel subscribers about news at MWS. We (MWS) provide regular information on our channel about our current live streaming program, our latest tournament results and news, as well as our current support information and event notices.

Our channel is open to the public and can be subscribed to for free. Subscribers can leave the channel at any time.

The flow of communication on our channel is one-way from us (sender) to the subscribers (recipients). Subscribers cannot send messages to other subscribers, nor can they receive messages from other subscribers.

Subscribers to our channel are anonymous to each other: they cannot see the phone numbers and user account information of other subscribers to our channel.

We do not share the telephone numbers and user account information of our subscribers with third parties. We do not save this data and we use it exclusively for the information service on our Telegram channel.

By using our Telegram channel, you agree to our privacy policy.

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