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System use


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How does MWS work?

Where are MWS Locations?

What do I need as a player to use MWS?

  1. A free MWS user account
  2. A system play permission that is granted by your club administrator.

What do I need as a location to install MWS?

  • Internet
    • External network connection
      • The MWS terminal does not support WLAN for the Internetuplink, but only a normal Ethernet connection.
    • Minimum bandwidth in both directions, both for upload and for download: 1 Mbit/s
      • With better values it's more fun ...
      • Stability is needed! The minimum bandwidth is the lowest limit that should be guaranteed at all times. This means that peak values bring little without the necessary stability. To avoid bottlenecks, the Internet connection for the MWS terminal is ideally shielded from all other networks (club ...), so that MWS is the sole user of this Internet connection.
    • DHCP (Technician info: Ideally, a DHCP address reservation is provided for the MAC address of the MWS terminal so that the MWS terminal always obtains the same IP address.)
  • Structural requirements
    • General answer not possible, individual clarification necessary >> info@mywebsport.com
    • Lighting: The MWS system camera requires a uniformly good illumination of the billiard table, for which we recommend our LED panels.

What does MWS cost me as a player and to whom do I pay?

  • Conditions / pricing are the sovereignty of the respective MWS location where you play and where the payment is made to (user >> location >> MWS).

What does MWS cost me as a location and to whom do I pay?

How can I make money as a player with MWS?

  • Tournaments with sports promotion prizes
  • Gambling (available as a game mode at each MWS terminal)

How can I earn money as a location with MWS?

  • Direct
    • Of the players who pay for the use of MWS at the location.
    • By advertising revenue, see MWA next 100.
  • Indirectly
    • Attractiveness of the location, tournaments / training etc.

How can I as a player change my master data (email address, password ...) or delete my MWS user account?

How can I as a location change my master data (email address, password ...) or manage my players?

What are MWS points?

  • 1 euro = 10 MWS points

Where can I view the account balance of my MWS user account and how can I pay into or withdraw money from the account?

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System use

How can I as a player register for tournaments, book coaches, or find / contact other players?

  • By logging in on our website you will get to our tournament, booking or player portal.

How can I as a location organize my own tournaments and trainings with MWS?

  • There are no restrictions, no charges or similar things ... just do it!
  • If the own tournaments or trainings are intended to be published on the MWS website, then an individual clarification is necessary >> sports@mywebsport.com

Where can I find my private game and training archive and my private directories, folders and positions?

  • MWS terminal
  1. Game archive
  2. Reference positions
  3. My reference positions
  2. Archive
  3. Ref-pos

Where can I find the public database of specialized literature and training programs?

  • MWS terminal
  1. Reference positions
  2. Library

Where can I access shared content (sharing) of other MWS users and how can I share my own content with other MWS users at the MWS terminal?

  • Share your own content (games and trainings)
  1. Game archive
  2. Select game or training
  3. Toggle share
  • Retrieve somebody else's content (games and trainings)
  1. Game archive
  2. Add share
  • Share your own content (reference positions)
  1. Reference positions
  2. Edit reference positions
  3. Select library
  4. Toggle share (Libraries can be shared, but not separate reference positions or entire directories.)
  • Retrieve somebody else's content (reference positions)
  1. Reference positions
  2. Add share

Where can I manage my private folder structure and add new shots at the MWS terminal?

  • Reference positions
    • Edit reference positions (Shots / positions are saved as separate reference positions. Reference positions are saved in libraries. Libraries are saved in directories.)
  • Open position
    • Add reference position
  • Take a picture / record with ball tracking
    • Add reference position

How can I start a local game or a local training at the MWS terminal?

  • New local game

How can I start a remote game or a remote training at the MWS terminal?

  • Select a player in the live list
    • Send invitation

How can I record my shots with the ball tracking?

  • Automatically in games with autoscoring
  • Open position or take a picture
    • Shift key on remote control or start path analysis on terminal screen

Where can I switch the language at the MWS terminal?

  • Header on the terminal screen

How can I pair headsets (conference call)?

  1. Put the second headset on the base
  2. elect second headset as a secondary headset
  3. Take second headset from the base
  4. You can now hear a signal on the first headset - then you need to press the call pickup button on the first headset to pair both headsets together.

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What can I do if I have forgotten my MWS user account password?

What can I do if I can log in to the MWS web app with my username and password, but not at the MWS terminal?

  • System play permission (activation) is necessary for MWS terminal use.
    • System play permissions are granted by the responsible club admin.
  • Restart the system if the respective MWS user account has just been newly created.

NOTE: The following tips are deliberately kept simple to avoid problems resulting from improper fixes - in case of doubt, please contact the support.

What can I do if the Internet is down?

  • Restart router
  • Restart system

What can I do if the video or audio connection to a remote location does not work or is bad?

  • Problem with video signal
    • Video reconnection
    • Check video input on the TV
    • Restart system
  • Problem with audio signal
    • Video reconnection
    • Connect the headset to the base and check (connection, battery)
    • Check audio output (headset or TV)
    • Check volume of headset / TV
    • Restart system

What can I do if the laser or remote control stop working?

  • Switch remote control off / on (connection, battery)
  • Touchscreen remote control
  • Restart system

What can I do if the camera stops working or the ball positions / ball path lines can't be determined?

  • Check table illumination (curtains, disturbing lights ...)
  • Restart system