Data privacy statement

The web service under the domain is transmitted TLS/SSL encrypted (HTTPS) to make data stream more tap-proof and to verify our identity towards you – consequently to protect your data.



The website uses cookies to optimize the functionality and display of the website for its users. Cookies are text files that, if applicable, are sent at a website visit from the server to the browser of the website visitor, where they are stored locally and sent back at a new visit of respective website to the server. On you can find detailed information about cookies and how to disable cookies in your browser.

On the website two types of cookies are used: first-party-cookies and third-party-cookies. First-party-cookies are set under the domain, are under the control of and are used to deliver essential services that enable the functioning of the website and that inform the website visitor about the use of cookies on the website.

Third-party-cookies are cookies from third-party providers, which are not under the control of and which are not set under the domain On this affects embedded content from “Youtube” and “Google Maps”. Follow the links in subsequent list to get more information.

    • has_js
      • This cookie provides information about Javascript functionality of the browser in use. Lifespan = browser session.
    • cookieconsent_dismissed
      • This cookie stores the information about a click on the >OK< button of the cookie notification bar. Lifespan = 12 months.

In most browsers you can adjust the cookies settings and delete cookies. You get information and instructions about in the support area of the respective provider: