Game, training, gambling & challenge

The MYWEBSPORT system offers its users different interaction modes to play or practice, remote or local, together or alone.

In game mode a scoreboard designed for various disciplines, match modes and distances is available for users. In challenge mode different starting positions are created by the computer system by random generator, where both players always have the same starting position in the same inning. In training mode all positions can be called up and trained which are stored in the MYWEBSPORT cloud (game and training archive, MYWEBSPORT library, reference positions as well as shares of other users). In training mode also new positions can be recorded, automatically saved and trained.

A special form of the game mode is the remote available gambling mode where to play for MYWEBSPORT points, provided that the stake is covered by both MYWEBSPORT user accounts. The winner of the game receives both stakes credited to its user account minus a small administration fee.

All positions, the path lines of the balls and statistical data are stored automatically in your own archive in order to be able to analyze a game later or to repeat a training session. Already during the game or the training individual positions can be marked in the history, in order to find them later easier.

Current games and training can be paused to continue at a later time. Archived games and training can be shared with the MYWEBSPORT community so that other users can access them too - for example coaches to analyze games of their students or to provide training programs for their students.