Ball tracking & analysis

Ball tracking is the top feature in MYWEBSPORT 3.0 and marks a milestone in technical development. MWS 3.0 records the path lines of the balls, saves them and provides further applications.

With MWS 3.0 it is possible to precisely reconstruct how a position recorded with the ball tracking has been played. The position of the balls is traceable for each point in time of a shot, so that for example the ball passages which are decisive for prevention of a kiss can also be analyzed in detail. Ball tracking also masters detailed recording of curve lines and precise specification of ball speeds.

Ball tracking allows precise move analysis for individual shots and whole matches. Users can share their matches or individual shots for MYWEBSPORT coaches to let them analyze them. Coaches can create training programs for their students and record and save for them the correct playing of the training positions using ball tracking. Top players can record their matches with ball tracking so that other MYWEBSPORT users can replay them. And friends can easily share their big points with each other.

Available is ball tracking for almost all applications on all MYWEBSPORT systems with MWS 3.0, especially in game and training mode, remote and local, as well as in your own reference positions and your own archive.