Cloud & sharing

MYWEBSPORT users can access the MYWEBSPORT position database at all MYWEBSPORT terminals worldwide. The MYWEBSPORT Cloud provides access to

  • the public library with thousands of positions from professional literature and training programs from MYWEBSPORT coaches,
  • the private game and training archive,
  • the private reference positions with individual directory and repository structure and
  • the public shares of other users.

All entries in your own archive and your own reference positions can be shared with the MYWEBSPORT community so that other users can access these entries. It's possible to share archived games and trainings, as well as directories, repositories and single shots in the reference positions.

For example, users can share their matches or single shots to have them analyzed by MYWEBSPORT coaches. Coaches on the other hand can create and share training programs for their students. Top players can record their matches with ball tracking so that other MYWEBSPORT users can replay them. And friends can easily share their big points with each other.