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MYWEBSPORT opens borders. Play real billiard worldwide from your home and in real time. Benefit from modern technology and top coaches over a distance of thousands of kilometers. Take part in international tournaments without having to leave your home location. The numerous applications of the MYWEBSPORT technology offer you the opportunity to act flexibly and sustainably. Take advantage of these benefits, which open up prospects for you.


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Prospects, sustainability & flexibility

Play worldwide. With MYWEBSPORT you no longer need to fly around the globe and take a vacation to play and train internationally. MYWEBSPORT users can take part in tournaments of the MYWEBSPORT WORLD ASSOCIATION and participate at every MYWEBSPORT location worldwide. The MYWEBSPORT club connects MYWEBSPORT users to a worldwide community to find game and training partners.

Train efficiently. The ball tracking available in MYWEBSPORT 3.0 is a unique masterpiece of technology. The top feature makes it possible to analyze the precise path lines of the balls. Additionally to the ball tracking MYWEBSPORT users have many more training tools at their disposal. Book regularly MYWEBSPORT coaches and achieve sustainable training progress.

Save time and money. Save travel and hotel costs as well as travel time by participating from home in international tournaments and trainings. Engage MYWEBSPORT coaches for training courses and exhibitions at your location and thus save their travel, food and lodging. MYWEBSPORT coaches for their part also save these expenses because they can give their lessons from home.

Protect the environment and promote the families. With the MYWEBSPORT technology, every user can take part in tournaments and trainings around the world from his home location, this protects the environment and reduces pollutant emissions caused by traveling. Give the precious time that you no longer need with MYWEBSPORT for billiard trips to your family and friends.

Make your location attractive. MYWEBSPORT stimulates your location with a worldwide pool of players, tournament and training offers. MYWEBSPORT meets the modern spirit of multimedia networking, thereby making billiards for young people especially attractive.

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