2017 / March - MYWEBSPORT III

MYWEBSPORT III becomes operational with the new feature "BALL TRACKING". All systems from the first production-ready model in South Korea are equipped with the necessary hardware. The older systems have to be upgraded so that the features of MYWEBSPORT III work.


2015 / June

For the first time an international tournament of an official federation is successfully carried out via MYWEBSPORT. A Three Cushion ranking tournament of the BSVÖ is carried out with the participation of 6 Austrian and 6 German billiard players.


2012 / November - MYWEBSPORT II

The development of a production-ready MYWEBSPORT system is finished. With the installation of a system in South Korea for the first time a system outside of Europe has been installed and the first production-ready model became operational. MYWEBSPORT was installed in the Billiard Academy William Oh in Cheongju. Cheongju has around 650,000 inhabitants and is located in the center of South Korea.


2011 / November

The first commissioning of a system outside of Austria takes place in November 2011 at BC Stuttgart.


2009 / November

For the first time, a system was put into operation in a club outside the development center (Billard Sport Arena Innsbruck). The commissioning at BSK Union Vienna took place on November 22nd 2009.


2009 / October - MYWEBSPORT I

The development of two fully operative systems that allow playing and training at two locally separated locations is finished.


2009 / May

The first public presentation for about 150 interested parties took place in the Billard Sport Arena Innsbruck. Here the attendees were offered the possibility of financial participation as dormant partners.


2008 / November

The first tests between the sites in Innsbruck, Schlerngasse 1b and the Billard Sport Arena, Bachlechner Straße 46, also in Innsbruck, have been successfully carried out.


2008 / June

The first version of the website www.mywebsport.com went online on June 10th 2008. So the promotion of MYWEBSPORT in the billiard scene could begin.


2008 / May

In May 2008 the development team was assembled at a meeting of technicians from various special subjects.


2008 / April

On April 17th 2008 the patent for MYWEBSPORT was registered at the Austrian Patent Office (international patent).