Hardware & software

The MYWEBSPORT system consists of a camera box with special camera and precision laser installed above the billiard table, a terminal with computer and touchscreen installed beside the billiard table, a multifunctional remote control for convenient handling of the system during a game or training, as well as a webcam, a headset and a flatscreen for live communication with another location and for multimedia display. The MYWEBSPORT software runs on the terminal computer, all functions of the system can be carried out via the touchscreen.

The ball positions are recorded by the camera and the system sends these position information over the Internet to another MYWEBSPORT location. There, these ball positions are projected with the lasers onto the billiard table, the player places the balls on these laser markers and continues playing with exactly the same position, which has been left at the first location. On the flatscreen both players see each other playing, over the headset they talk with each other. MYWEBSPORT offers a sophisticated technology for remote and local applications such as game, training, analysis and more.

The general requirements for the system installation are (in addition to a billiard table) minimal, requiring only an Internet connection with certain standards. MYWEBSPORT is currently offered for carom billiards.

  • Terminal height: 150cm
  • Terminal width: 60cm
  • Terminal depth: 12cm
  • Flatscreen diagonal: 42''