Billiard nation Greece now has MYWEBSPORT, 3 new locations in Athens and Thessaloniki on the net

  • MWS locations Greece
    MWS locations Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful places in our world to enjoy billiards. These places undoubtedly include all three billiard locations that were connected to the worldwide MYWEBSPORT network in recent days. Two new MYWEBSPORT locations were put into operation in the Greek metropolis of Athens on the Saronic Gulf. Both the Carom Café by Dionisis Tsokantas and the Koralli Billiard Club by John Prassas are located in the heart of the Greek capital. The third location in the league of those three is the billiard center of Alex Ignatidis in Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece in the northwest of the world famous peninsula Chalkidiki. The new locations are multipliers for the game, tournament and training activities in the MYWEBSPORT community - with playing partners, tournament and training offers for all MYWEBSPORT users.

The connection to the MYWEBSPORT network allows all MYWEBSPORT locations future-proof the exercise of their beloved billiard sports in a new dimension. Every single MYWEBSPORT location can connect to any other location worldwide for real game, training and gambling - location independent and in real time, on your own billiard table and with live communication. MYWEBSPORT 3.0 is a high-end masterpiece that makes dreams come true. Ball tracking is the top feature in MWS 3.0 and marks a milestone in technical development. Path analysis allows precise move analysis for individual shots and whole matches. MWS 3.0 is not an upgrade, but a quantum leap into the future.

The global MYWEBSPORT network currently covers 210 different location-to-location connections. There are currently 21 MYWEBSPORT locations worldwide in 7 countries: Germany (9), Austria (4), Greece (3), Switzerland (2), Italy, France and South Korea (1 each). Carefully estimated 300 players now have access to a MYWEBSPORT system in their own club. MYWEBSPORT is probably the largest billiard club in the world and is constantly prolonging its dynamic growth. MWA next 100 offers the ideal tariff model for many clubs that want to have MYWEBSPORT, but still brood over the costs. The current marketing concept of the MYWEBSPORT World Association includes, among other things, low-cost tariff models and lucrative revenue sources (advertising) for MYWEBSPORT locations. It's worth being fast, because the number of new MYWEBSPORT locations with MWA next 100 tariff is limited to 100.