Bottrop has MYWEBSPORT, Next Generation in the Ruhr area!

  • BC Fuhlenbrock
    BC Fuhlenbrock

Germany's largest conurbation, the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia, has finally got its third MYWEBSPORT location. In addition to the two existing locations in Essen at Martin Horn and the BCC Witten, the billiard club Fuhlenbrock Next Generation in Bottrop was recently welcomed. With the BC Fuhlenbrock there are currently 9 MYWEBSPORT locations in Germany, which means that half of all 18 venues worldwide are located in the federal republic. The global MYWEBSPORT network currently covers 150 different location-to-location connections.

The sports club, founded in 2009, is one of the most ambitious and active billiard clubs in Germany. Fuhlenbrock's first team plays in the 2nd national league three cushion. With their frontman, the Belgian world class player Roland Forthomme, and the strong Italian Emilio Sciacca they succeeded in the engagement of two foreign top players, with which the sporting ambitions of the club are undoubtedly increased. With MYWEBSPORT the club from Bottrop now accelerates its boom and connects with the world in order to offer its members more playing partners and an even better tournament and training offers. For this purpose, MWA next 100 also offers other interested clubs inexpensive options for acquiring a MYWEBSPORT system. Among other things, the current marketing concept of the MYWEBSPORT World Association combines cost-effective tariff models and lucrative sources of income for clubs under one roof.

The MYWEBSPORT headquarters in Innsbruck will soon move to a new address where even more carom billiard tables will be equipped with MYWEBSPORT systems than before, and where the system development for English Billiards can be pushed even better. A few weeks later, the deliveries of the MYWEBSPORT systems will follow for the new locations in Greece, Turkey, Norway and Hungary. By spring / summer 2018, the MYWEBSPORT network coverage will be doubled to 300 different location-to-location connections. Around 500 players worldwide will then have access to a MYWEBSPORT system at their home location.