CAN YOU LASER? Digitalization crucial issue for success for more and more players, clubs and sports associations


Digital development is making great strides worldwide, driven by revolutionary new opportunities and technical innovations. Like many new things, the digital revolution also presents challenges and opportunities. Potentials must be recognized and forward-looking decisions made. But digitalization is not a trend that is coming on its own. You have to actively decide for it.

The connection to the MYWEBSPORT network allows all MYWEBSPORT locations future-proof the exercise of their beloved billiard sports in a new dimension. Every single MYWEBSPORT location can connect to any other location worldwide for real game, training and gambling - location independent and in real time, on your own billiard table and with live communication. The MYWEBSPORT network already covers more than 130 location-to-location connections. If you include the number of players at the individual locations, this value increases by a multiple.

Largest billiard club in the world is prolonging its dynamic growth

The most recent weeks have been intense and great for MYWEBSPORT, in which the first prototype for English Billiards was presented and new carom billiard locations in Basel and Berlin went online. The billiard club Crengeldanz Witten and MYWEBSPORT celebrate the turn of the year together, when the German top club from the Ruhr area and double winner 2013 will be connected to the MYWEBSPORT network. A few weeks later, MYWEBSPORT starts its big tour in Greece and Turkey. A total of five new MYWEBSPORT locations will be put into operation in Athens, Thessaloniki and Istanbul. Afterwards, the MYWEBSPORT team around mastermind and CEO Jimmy Riml will hardly have time to breathe, the next venues will follow in Oslo and Budapest.

By spring 2018, the possible location-to-location connections will be more than doubled to over 270. Carefully estimated 500 players will then have access to a MYWEBSPORT system in their own club. The new locations are multipliers for the game, tournament and training activities in the MYWEBSPORT community - with playing partners, tournament and training offers for all MYWEBSPORT users.

Benefit together from holistic business

Inquiries for MYWEBSPORT systems arrive at the headquarters in Innsbruck almost without a break. MWA next 100 offers great opportunities for many clubs that want to have MYWEBSPORT, but still brood over the costs. The current marketing concept of the MYWEBSPORT World Association includes, among other things, low-cost tariff models and lucrative revenue sources (advertising) for MYWEBSPORT locations. It's worth being fast, because the number of new MYWEBSPORT locations with MWA next 100 tariff is limited to 100.

MWS 3.0 is not an upgrade, but a quantum leap into the future

MYWEBSPORT 3.0 is a high-end masterpiece that makes dreams come true. The third MYWEBSPORT generation is the strongest ever. Ball tracking is the top feature in MWS 3.0 and marks a milestone in technical development. MWS 3.0 records the path lines of the balls, saves them and provides further applications. Ball tracking allows precise move analysis for individual shots and whole matches. The position of the balls is traceable for each point in time of a shot, so that for example the ball passages which are decisive for prevention of a kiss can also be analyzed in detail. Ball tracking also masters detailed recording of curve lines and precise specification of ball speeds.

With the new sharing features in MWS 3.0 coaches can create training programs for their students and record and save for them the correct playing of the training positions using ball tracking. Top players can record their matches with ball tracking so that other MYWEBSPORT users can replay them. And friends can easily share their big points with each other. With the MYWEBSPORT web app, MYWEBSPORT users can easily access the position database in the MYWEBSPORT cloud via Internet and analyze their games and trainings recorded by the ball tracking technology at home on the laptop or on the way on the tablet.