First MYWEBSPORT location in Scandinavia on the net: Hej Danmark!

  • MWS location Kim Bengtsson, Store Heddinge, Denmark
    MWS location Kim Bengtsson, Store Heddinge, Denmark

Store Heddinge, a city on Denmark's largest island of Zealand, is home to the first MYWEBSPORT system in Scandinavia. At the beginning of December Kim Bengtsson's location went online. A few weeks earlier, a new location was also connected to the net in Castrop-Rauxel, a city in the German Ruhr area. The location of Markus Dömer, the sports director for carom billiards of the German Billiard Union, is already the fourth in this area. Both neo locations are a valuable addition to the community by expanding the network of locations. For their users, the systems are the gateway to maybe the largest billiard club in the world - MYWEBSPORT.

Link to the map view of all MYWEBSPORT locations worldwide

The MYWEBSPORT system is a computer system of hardware and software that is installed locally at a billiard table and that allows you to connect to any other location worldwide to play with each other. Our locations are venues with systems. 20 locations worldwide are currently spread over 2 continents, 7 countries and 18 cities / places. About 300 players who currently have access to a system in their own club form the community.

In our location network currently 190 different combinations of two locations are possible. Figuratively MYWEBSPORT acts as a main station, through which each location can connect to any other location. What is known as a public transport network map, conforms at MYWEBSPORT the combination possibilities of two locations resp. the connections to unique location pairs. Our means of transport, with which one can travel virtually from location A (station A) via MYWEBSPORT (central station) to location B (station B), is neither train nor plane - but the Internet.

MYWEBSPORT systems can be tested for public or private locations for an agreed period of time, or purchased in full. Currently, test systems on special terms are still available for selected sites / regions. We are happy to advise and inform interested parties individually at