From Berlin to the world, MYWEBSPORT on a climb with new location

  • BA Berlin
    BA Berlin

Berlin, Germany. The federal capital of Germany has finally got its second MYWEBSPORT location with the billiard academy Berlin. The connection to the MYWEBSPORT network allows the Berliners future-proof the exercise of their beloved billiard sports in a new dimension. Every single MYWEBSPORT location can connect to any other location worldwide for real game, training and gambling - location independent and in real time, on your own billiard table and with live communication. The MYWEBSPORT network already covers more than 130 location-to-location connections. If you include the number of players at the individual locations, this value increases by a multiple. MYWEBSPORT is the largest billiards club in the world and is prolonging its dynamic growth.

The billiard academy in Berlin Tempelhof is one of the largest German carom billiard clubs, exists since 1970 and has always been home of the greatest of its guild. Their most famous players include the two world champions Johann Schirmbrand and Dieter Müller. Jointly responsible for the current sporting upturn of the booming cult club is Lukas Stamm, Berlin champion 2017 and rising German three cushion crack. Stamm completed a multi-day MYWEBSPORT workshop in Innsbruck in the spring of 2017, where he convinced himself for his club of MYWEBSPORT 3.0.

Other new locations are already ante portas. They are multipliers for the game, tournament and training activities in the MYWEBSPORT community. Soon, new MYWEBSPORT locations will go online in German Witten (billiard club Crengeldanz), Norwegian Oslo (Oslo Biljardsenter), in Athens (among others Koralli billiard club), Thessaloniki (billiard center Thessaloniki), as well as in Istanbul and Budapest. By spring 2018, the possible location-to-location connections will be more than doubled to over 270. Carefully estimated 500 players will then have access to a MYWEBSPORT system in their own club.