MYWEBSPORT in final development phase for English Billiards, new carom billiard locations

  • MWS development preview English Billiards
    MWS development preview English Billiards

Innsbruck, Vienna. In just a few weeks, the two world's first MYWEBSPORT systems for English Billiards will go online. The very first English Billiards remote game in history will be played between Innsbruck and Vienna. The final development work and tests are currently taking place at the MYWEBSPORT home base in Innsbruck, while the Heeres- Snooker & English Billiards Club in Vienna is looking forward to the upcoming world premiere in their own club.

With the technological advancement of the MYWEBSPORT system for English Billiards, the development team around Mario Prantl marks a milestone in billiard sports - the networking of individual locations to a location-independent, global English Billiards club. MYWEBSPORT mastermind and billiards enthusiast Jimmy Riml is "excited and motivated by the promising test runs that have already taken place" and "can't wait to start an international game, training and tournament programme with MYWEBSPORT for English Billiards and to network all MYWEBSPORT billiard sections to one community".

Parallel to the current system development for English Billiards and the upcoming market entry in the same billiards sector, MYWEBSPORT also registers extremely positive trends for its carom billiard division. New MYWEBSPORT locations will significantly increase the network of venues and players in the next few months and bring noticeable boost to the sports programme. The new MYWEBSPORT locations include renowned clubs, among others in Oslo, Istanbul, Berlin, Athens, Basel, Thessaloniki and Witten - some of the new locations will be up and running before Christmas.