MYWEBSPORT in Gangnam style, world's first double location opened in Seoul. MYWEBSPORT technology for 3CC Masters Series with USD 220,000 prize money per tournament!

  • Molinari Team Member Invitational
    Molinari Team Member Invitational

Every year up to 4 times the MOLINARI professionals in South Korea are invited to a tournament in different locations. On June 5th and 6th 2018 they met at the MVL Billiard Club in Seoul / Gangnam. Two MYWEBSPORT systems were installed there last week. The tournament served as a dress rehearsal for the premiere of the 3-Cushion Challenge (3CC) Masters Series. The first tournament of this newly launched tournament series by UMB, KOZOOM & CUESCO, in which the MYWEBSPORT technology is used as an integral part, takes place from July 12th to 15th in the magnificent Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam. The first 20 players of the world rankings will take part and in addition 4 wildcards will be awarded. The prize money for each individual tournament in the 3CC Masters Series is USD 220,000.

More information about the 3CC Masters Series in the KOZOOM news article "Bright future is coming up for 3-cushion"

More than 230 different location-to-location connections worldwide are currently covered by the global MYWEBSPORT network. There are at present 22 MYWEBSPORT locations in 7 countries: Germany (9), Austria (4), Greece (3), Switzerland and South Korea (je 2), as well as Italy and France (1 each). At South Korean billiard locations 20 tables and more in number and a flourishing playing activity around the clock are normality. Looked at globally, about 400 players currently have access to a MYWEBSPORT system in their own club. MYWEBSPORT is prolonging its dynamic growth and is arguably the largest billiards club in the world.

All MYWEBSPORT locations worldwide in our interactive world map

Below is a brief summary of the first official tournament in South Korea using MYWEBSPORT, the MOLINARI Team Member Invitational (5th / 6th June 2018 - MVL Billiard Club):

25 participants played in 5 groups for the final round. The biggest surprise in the group stage was provided by 17-year-old Ji-Eun Han. With an AVG of 0.95 she made it into the final round and remained there even in the first round successful. The fact that even former World Champion Sung Won Choi was forced to retire in the 1/4 finale shows the strength of the Korean Molinari team. Dong Jun Park had defeated him in the 1/4 final with 35:25 and surprisingly reached the semifinals. In Won Kang, who played for Mannheim a few years ago, narrowly lost 33:35 in the first final round against Young Ho Kim. These two games were played at the MYWEBSPORT table and are shared for all MYWEBSPORT users to replay.

The two semifinal matches and the final were played according to the 3CC Masters mode, which was used for the first time in this tournament. That was also the tournament premiere of MYWEBSPORT in South Korea.

Both players each play a run from the opening shot and with 19 other positions. These are sent by the co-organizer CUESCO (CUE = cue, SCO = score) by random generator to the MYWEBSPORT server. This makes it possible to position the balls with the laser system for both players exactly. The players play alternately, with the order of players changing after the tenth inning.

In the first semifinal Yan Young Choi had to fight until the last inning to reach the final with a 23:21 shaky victory against Chi Yeoun Cho. As expected, Jeong Han Heo clearly prevailed in the second semifinal with 54:20 against Dong Jun Park, where he made a rund of 12.

The finale had it all. After a weak start with 6 points in the first 7 innings Jeong Han Heo got started and made in the following 13 innings, believe it or not, 65 points and a high run of 17 (final score 72:38). By half time his opponent Yan Yeong could still keep up and they went with a 20:20 draw into the break. Despite another 18 points in the second half his outstanding performance got lost somewhat with 38 points in 20 innings.

The following matches are stored on the MYWEBSPORT server and accessible to all users for training purposes:

  • Dong Jun Park vs. Sung Won Choi (35:25-27)
  • Yeong Ho Kim vs. In Won Kang (35:33-19)
  • Yan Young Choi vs. Chi Yeoun Cho (23:21-20)
  • Jeong HAn Heo vs. Dong Jun Park (54:20-20)
  • Jeong Han Heo vs. Yan Yeong Choi (72:38-20)

The game mode has thrilled the participants and spectators alike. CUESCO displays the randomly selected position on his scoreboard while the referee positions the balls. First, only the table is shown and then the balls fly in one after the other. This builds tension, because the curiosity for the next position is of course great, both by the players and the audience.

Until the tournament in July, there are likely to be small changes. That's what the organizing team around J.K. Park (CUESCO) announced. Then it's time for the first 3CC Masters with UMB, KOZOOM, CUESCO and MYWEBSPORT.