Next coup: Now also Witten belongs to the MYWEBSPORT world

  • BCC Witten
    BCC Witten

Witten, Germany. The most recent weeks have been intense and great for MYWEBSPORT, in which the first prototype for English Billiards was presented and new Carambolbillard locations in Basel and Berlin went online. The billiard club Crengeldanz Witten and MYWEBSPORT celebrate the turn of the year together, when the German top club from the Ruhr area and double winner 2013 will be connected to the MYWEBSPORT network. A few weeks later, MYWEBSPORT starts its big tour in Greece and Turkey. A total of five new MYWEBSPORT locations will be put into operation in Athens, Thessaloniki and Istanbul. Afterwards, the MYWEBSPORT team around mastermind and CEO Jimmy Riml will hardly have time to breathe, the next venues will follow in Oslo and Budapest. MYWEBSPORT rocks!

Founded in 1931, BCC Witten is a permanent title contender in the German three cushion Bundesliga. Led by Ronny Lindemann Witten won 2013 league and cup, also located Lindemann in 2016 won the coveted single title, in addition Lindemann won the coveted individual title in 2016. Also in the current season their strong team is again well-staffed with German top players and international world class, their most famous legionary is the Belgian Eddy Leppens. The Witteners are well-versed in being successful - it will be interesting to see how far they will mix up MYWEBSPORT's tournament activities. Not only for the Witteners, but for all MYWEBSPORT users, with the qualifying tournament for the Royal Pro 3C Cup 2018 a tournament highlight is imminent, after all the final tournament is about a proud total prize money of 10,000 euros.

Inquiries for MYWEBSPORT systems arrive at the headquarters in Innsbruck almost without a break. MWA next 100 offers great opportunities for many clubs that want to have MYWEBSPORT, but still brood over the costs. The current marketing concept of the MYWEBSPORT World Association includes, among other things, low-cost tariff models and lucrative revenue sources (advertising) for MYWEBSPORT locations. It's worth being fast, because the number of new MYWEBSPORT locations with MWA next 100 tariff is limited to 100.