What you can do on MYWEBSPORT.COM, if you have a user account: new players portal feature in detail & more features in overview

  • Features on MYWEBSPORT.COM for registered users
    Features on MYWEBSPORT.COM for registered users

On MYWEBSPORT.COM, the official website of MYWEBSPORT, there are a number of useful features available especially for registered MWS users: players portal, tournament portal, coaches portal & web app. Where do you want to go? Via the login button on our website you will get to the selection page, which leads you to the desired destination.

Web app overview

In the MWS web app you can manage the master data (password, e-mail address, club membership ...) and the account balance of your MWS user account, access the game & training archive, the reference positions and the library, as well as delete your MWS user account.

Tournament, coaches & players portal overview

The dashboard, to which you will be taken immediately after login, summarizes the most important information and functions for you. With the master data of your MWS user account you can sign up here for tournaments and manage your registrations, book trainers as well as register for the players portal and manage your entry.

Are you looking for game partners? Find suitable opponents and training partners in our new players portal!

In the liveliste at the MWS terminal, you can always see which players are currently online at other MWS locations and want to play - the right feature for spontaneous ones. If you would like to arrange a match in advance and are looking for suitable game partners then our players portal is the right feature for you. Search specifically for disciplines, playing levels, languages & more in our worldwide database of MYWEBSPORT users, who are looking for game partners.

Our players portal is based on sportsmanship, voluntariness and personal responsibility: Only those who provide their own profile and contact information for other players in the portal, will gain access to the portal and thus to the profile and contact information of other players. Registration for our players portal is free and voluntary. Registered players can change their profile and contact information, or delete their entry in the players portal - in the latter case, the access authorization to the players portal expires.