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Monthly High Run

Sport promotion prizes. No entry fee. From September 2017.

Each month the highest three cushion runs of a remote match and a local match are awarded, that have been recorded with MWS 3.0 ball tracking and are released with MWS 3.0 sharing function. For the highest run of a month in a three cushion remote game, the winner gets 10 euros per point, for the highest run of a month in a local three cushion game, the winner gets 5 euros per point.

For each reported game the three highest runs of both players count for the results list and are used to determine the high run of the month. If the highest runs of several players are equal, then their second highest runs decide about the ranking and so on. The sport promotion prizes will be credited to the MWS user accounts of the winners. The detailed results are published after the end of the month.

For a run to be included in the results list, the game must be reported to the MWS Sports Department. Only games played by two players (you must not play against yourself) and in the same month of the tournament month are valid (for 2017 September ranking, the game must have been played in September 2017, and so on). Each tournament month runs from the start to the end of a calendar month, games for the current tournament month can be reported until the end of the month to the MWS Sports Department under sports@mywebsport.com (specifying the MWS username, and date / time of the shared game according to game archive).

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