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MWA next 100 is the current marketing concept of MYWEBSPORT WORLD ASSOCIATION (MWA). MWA next 100 aims at the spreading of MYWEBSPORT and the growth of the MYWEBSPORT community.

MWA next 100 includes especially inexpensive tariff models for new and existing MYWEBSPORT locations, lucrative sources of income (advertising among other things) for locations, attractive staged advertising packages for cooperation partners and profitable returns for investors.


Info for clubs / locations


Support for clubs / locations in the search for cooperation partners

Info for cooperation partners


Info for investors


Info in Dutch


Info in Turkish


Info in Greek


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much has a club / location currently to pay for MYWEBSPORT?

  • In the most frequently requested MWA next 100 tariff model "B" (test operation with installation fee), the new location once pays the installation fee of 2,000 Euros, a monthly maintenance and usage fee (60 Euros, with 3 users incl.) and a monthly flat rate for financing and levy (depending on the number of systems in operation).

How long is MWA next 100 available?

  • The number of new MYWEBSPORT locations with MWA next 100 tariff is limited to 100.

How long does it take from ordering a MYWEBSPORT system to installation?

  • Depending on the order situation and availability between 2 and 10 weeks.

What happens with the advertising places, which are not sold by the club / location?

  • The unsold advertising places can be sold either directly from MYWEBSPORT, from a PR agency, or from other locations. The location informs MYWEBSPORT about the free places at least 1 month in advance.

Is it possible for a club / location to sell more than 10 advertising places per month?

  • Yes, if there are free places. The location gets 50% of the advertising revenues.

How are the revenues from the advertisements accounted?

  • The invoicing is made by MYWEBSPORT to the cooperation partners, billing is made proportionally from the locations to MYWEBSPORT.

Where can cooperation partners see their mediadata?

  • On request at MYWEBSPORT.

Is MWA next 100 available also for private individuals?

  • Yes, all services and billings are made according to the same principle.



    CEO Thomas Riml


    0043 664 3454157

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