MYWEBSPORT user account ➔ deposit & outpayment

In order to make use of tournament offers and booking offers a cost-covering balance on the MYWEBSPORT user account is required. Debits (entry fees ...) and credits (sport promotion prizes ...) are settled on the MYWEBSPORT user account.


1 Euro = 10 MYWEBSPORT points



There are two ways for a deposit to the MYWEBSPORT user account:

With credit card in the MYWEBSPORT controlpanel

  • Log on to the ➔ MYWEBSPORT controlpanel and then navigate to the menu item "credit balance". Enter the deposit height (Euro) and start the payment with "perform payment via secue server".
  • These credit cards are accepted: VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB.
  • The minimum height for a deposit is Euro 30.

With bank transfer to the MYWEBSPORT WORLD ASSOCIATION

  • ➔ go to bank details of the MWA
  • Declare your valid MYWEBSPORT username at bank transfer.
  • The minimum height for a deposit is Euro 30.
  • Please note that deposits by bank transfer are manually edited. If you need an immediate credit to your MYWEBSPORT user account, then please choose the automated payment via credit card in the MYWEBSPORT controlpanel.



You can transfer the positive balance on your MYWEBSPORT user account to your bank account, fill out the following form for this purpose. After checking your data the transfer will be performed. If there are further inquiries we will contact you.

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