3 Cushion Challenge (3CC) World Masters

12.07.2018 to 15.07.2018
Three Cushion
General Class

Seoul (South Korea)


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The first tournament of this highly remunerated tournament series of UMB, KOZOOM & CUESCO, in which the MYWEBSPORT technology is used as an integral part, takes place from July 12th to 15th 2018 in the magnificent Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam / Seoul (South Korea). The 20 best placed players of the UMB world rankings will be invited to the 3CC Masters tournaments and additionally 4 wildcards will be awarded. The prize money for each individual tournament of the 3CC Masters Series is more than US dollars 200,000. In 2018, two more 3CC Masters tournaments will be held in September and November.

TIP: For MYWEBSPORT users, the 3CC mode is available as a new match mode at every MYWEBSPORT terminal worldwide, both remotely and locally.

The 3CC Masters match mode is an offensive spectacle and thrills both participants and spectators alike. Basically, both players always play their current run to an end - there is no point maximum, where there would be an end. Both players start the match with the opening shot (and play their run to an end as with each position). Subsequently 19 more, different starting positions are created by the computer system by random generator, where both players always have the same starting position in the same inning. The players play alternately, the player order changes after the tenth inning. Who has scored more points after 20 innings wins the match.

The co-organizer CUESCO sends the randomly generated positions to the MYWEBSPORT server. This makes it possible to position the balls with the laser system for both players with pinpoint accuracy. CUESCO shows on its display panel the position while the referee sets up the balls. First, only the table is shown and then the balls fly in one after the other. This builds tension, because the curiosity for the next position is obviously great, both for the players and the audience.