Customer backend for settings, registration and self-administration of MWS user accounts. Game analysis with ball tracking, anywhere and anytime.

Category: System

The MWS control panel is the central customer area for the management of MWS user accounts and also offers a number of features for remote access to saved games, trainings and literature, as well as for replays of recorded moves with MWS ball tracking for precise analysis. The control can be called up online in the browser and is therefore ideally suited for, as an example, match analysis at home on the couch. Both the public database with specialist literature and training programs as well as the private directories and archives can be accessed via the MWS control.

In order to be able to use the MWS system, an MWS user account with a valid system authorization to play is required. New registrations of user accounts can be made free of charge in the MWS control and location administrators can assign system authorizations to play here. In the MWS control, MWS users can view and change the master data (email address, etc.) of their user account, change or reset the password of their user account, view the account balance of their user account and pay money into their account via credit card (*), and delete their user account.

You can get all information about alternative deposit methods and outpayment of your credit in the support area of MWS.

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