Simultaneous trainings (coming soon)

Home coaching by pros for MWS users, at all locations at the same time. Virtual classroom in the livestream, playing along in real on the system.

Similar to simultaneous chess, in which a player plays against several different opponents at the same time, in our simultaneous trainings a MWS coach teaches several students at the same time - via MWS system in parallel at different locations worldwide.

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Our simultaneous trainings are highly scalable, as all locations can take part in them at the same time with a large number of students, and offer inexpensive access to a wide range of courses. The trainings are broadcasted publicly on the Internet and made available on our live streaming platform. The players at the locations can practice along live at the billiard table by using the MWS system to access the ball positions and moves of the coach. The streams of the coaches are freely available, the training materials are provided exclusively on the MWS system.

You can find all training dates and information on the dashboard: