Specialist analysis from practice for replay

Learn from world class players. Replay World Championship matches & Co with position detection and path line analysis from MWS and videos from KOZOOM.

Category: Sports

How do the best of the best do it? Which solutions do they choose under competitive conditions? Which strategic decisions do they make?

MWS users can replay, analyze and train complete matches and individual shots / solutions from world stars on demand that have been recorded with the MWS technology. In addition, with the KOZOOM videos of these matches, KOZOOM Premium Pass holders can look closely via mobile phone, tablet & Co over the players' shoulders on the technical execution of the shots.

The matches have been released with the MWS sharing feature and are therefore publicly available. You can access the matches at the terminal of the MWS system via this navigation path: Game archive / add share / enter the username of one of the two players.

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