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Players & community

Intuitive tools for communication in the MWS community. Bringing players together for game and training through terminal live list and group chat.

Category: Sports

Via MWS you can play with players who are at another MWS location somewhere in the world. There are several ways you can find and connect with remote game partners to play ad hoc together or to arrange games for later.

If you are on site at a system and are looking for a remote game partner to play a game immediately, then our live list at the system terminal is that suitable feature for you. In the live list you can always see which players are currently online at other locations and are also looking for game partners to play together.

If you want to ask within the MWS community about who, for example, wants to play this evening, then the MWS chat room on Leapchat ( is the right tool for you. In the MWS chat room, MWS users are organized into a community in order to communicate with each other and, for example, to arrange game dates.

Leapchat is an intuitive and free chat tool for end-to-end encrypted group communication, which you can use on mobile phones, tablets and the like. Leapchat is free and open source software and a so-called 1-click solution, so you don't need a user registration or software installation to use it - you just have to call up the correct Internet address in the browser. The Internet address of the MWS chat room is changed regularly / if required.

No exchange of customer data takes place between Leapchat and MWS. The use of Leapchat is voluntary, not necessary for the use of the MWS system, and takes place in self-responsibility of the users. In general, we advise our MWS users not to publish sensitive information in group chats and the like or to check carefully their publication in advance.

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