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July 26th 2014: YOUTH TROPHY

National training centre in Vienna starts tournament participation in "Remote Billiards"

Youth international match Austria VS Germany in Three Cushion

BERLIN - VIENNA - REGENSBURG - ERLANGEN - WUPPERTAL. 2 countries & 5 cities united at the same time in the same tournament!





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Innsbruck (AT), Vienna (AT), Essen (DE), Berlin (DE), Zutendaal (BE). The "remote" billiard tournament which took place parallelly in five cities on July 11th, 2014 met all expectations. Without technical problems the matches between the venues could be held. This form of tournament will be continued with even more venues in an increasing number of cities.

With the reigning world champion Wolfgang ZENKNER (Germany) the tournament saw the expected winner, followed by his compatriot Martin Horn and the currently best Austrian allrounder in carom billiards Arnim Kahofer. These three players still had chances to win the tournament before the last round. Kahofer was the only one who could win the tournament by his own effort by beating Zenkner. Both Zenkner and Horn needed some support. After scoring the match ball against Kahofer, Zenkner needed to wait for the result of the parallel match betwen Martin Horn and Markus Dömer. Horn only achieved a draw and thus had to be content with second place, but relegated Kahofer to place three. The places four, five and six went in this sequence to Markus Dömer (Berlin), Andreas Kronlachner (Vienna) and Eddy Berger (Maaslandse, Belgium).

"I am happy that I won this tournament. The competition was strong but I showed good one cushion billiards in the decisive moments and the necessary luck was also on my side" Zenkner is satisfied. Horn quarreled with his fate. "For some strokes I could not develop the right feeling today" but shows himself as a decent sportsman: "Wolfgang deservedly won for ages he has been among the best one cushion players in the world and can still keep this level despite his advanced age. This absolutely deserves respect". Kahofer was pleased with this tournament mode which has been played for the first time: " To realize a tournament in this quality within one evening, this is quite something".

The organizer of the tournament was satisfied with the course of the tournament and the successful premiere in the billiards sport: "We showed that with MYWEBSPORT billiards sport without borders in a compact form is possible. Thus we can offer a national and international format additionally to the normal playing activity which not only saves all participants money for travelling, but also brings a welcome change to the routine of tournaments."





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