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Match Result Date Tournament
Efler, Andreas (AT / Hinterbruehl) vs. Truong, Tay-Dien (DE / Erlangen) 25:22 (pts) and 7:5 (hr) in 12 (inn) 07.12.2023 Three Cushion Home Tour #5
ASD La Biglia Modica (IT / Modica) vs. Innsbruck Birilli Hunters (AT / Innsbruck) 150:115 (pts) and 2:1 (relay pts) 03.12.2023 Five Pins Team League #1
BBC Basel (CH / Basel) vs. CSB Olona 96 Ospite (IT / Corteolona e Genzone) 114:150 (pts) and 0:3 (relay pts) 29.11.2023 Five Pins Team League #1

Prize money distributed to date

€ 60,585.00

Update: 16 October 2023, Schurli's Base Camp 3C Summer Cup 2023

ELO rankings

All MWS individual tournaments are included in our ELO rankings, which are endowed with prize money. Each ranking period consists of 3 tournaments. At the end of each ranking period the prize money is paid out. The intermediate rankings are for information only and published after each tournament.

Input data current 3 cushion ranking period: Summer Cup, Home Tour Infinity Series Heats #5 and #6

Input data current 5 pins ranking period: Home Tour Infinity Series Heats #5, #6 and #7

International Three Cushion Team League invitation (v1 / 20.11.2023) (PDF, English)

International Three Cushion Team League Ausschreibung (v1 / 20.11.2023) (PDF, Deutsch)

International Cinque Birilli Team League invitation (v1 / 04.09.2023) (PDF, English)

International Cinque Birilli Team League Ausschreibung (v1 / 04.09.2023) (PDF, Deutsch)

Home Tour invitation (v5 / 18.09.2023) (PDF, English)

Home Tour Ausschreibung (v5 / 18.09.2023) (PDF, Deutsch)

Open End set system explanation / Open End Satzsystem Erklärung (PDF, English, Deutsch)

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