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Because You find playing, training & tournament partners worldwide ... at Your home location.

Because You save travel expenses and gain valuable time.

Because You save the environment ... and even more!

➔ our Qualities

„MYWEBSPORT can open new horizons in the billiard sport – serving the sport and an innovative entertainment.“

Marco Zanetti | Italy

World Champion, European Champion, World Games Winner and MYWEBSPORT Coach.

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What can MYWEBSPORT do, how does it work?

Play billiards over distances of thousands of kilometers - via Internet, not on PC, but on a real billiard table. Make precise shot analysis and become part of the world's biggest billiard club!

➔ our Features

Laser, camera, livestream and more ...

➔ our Technology

„So far I knew detailed game and move analysis only from soccer on TV. MYWEBSPORT makes it possible also in billiards! The system is the revolutionary method to improve your game each and every time. I am fascinated!”

Martin Horn | Germany

World Champion, European Champion and MYWEBSPORT Coach.

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Where to find MYWEBSPORT?

Worldwide! Today You find us on 2 continents, in 8 countries ... and tomorrow at You?

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea and Switzerland ...


➔ our Locations

„Since I use MYWEBSPORT for my training I can eliminate weaknesses in my play more precisely. The training becomes much more efficient. Furthermore the system allows me to teach players all over the world without wasting time and money for travelling.”

Andreas Efler | Austria

Worldcup Winner, Author of Books and MYWEBSPORT Coach.

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