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Home Tour series / heat #5: Five Pins tournament singles 18.09.-05.11.2023

Schurli's Base Camp Three Cushion Summer Cup 2023: Three Cushion tournament singles 17.07.-24.09.2023

Five Pins Team Relay Tournament: Five Pins tournament for teams starting 09.06.2023

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Match Date Time Tournament
Dmitriev, Ivan (DE) vs. Roestel, Norbert (DE) 01.10.2023 16:00 3C Summer Cup 2023
Efler, Andreas (AT) vs. Roestel, Norbert (DE) 01.10.2023 18:00 3C Summer Cup 2023
Abraham, Klaus-Dieter (DE) vs. Roestel, Norbert (DE) 03.10.2023 16:00 3C Summer Cup 2023

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Match Result Date Tournament
Augenstein, Max (DE) vs. Roestel, Norbert (DE) 18 pts (hr 3) to 25 pts (hr 4) in 29 inn 28.09.2023 3C Summer Cup 2023
Gajs, Zoran (AT) vs. Schmied, Georg (AT) 14 pts (hr 3) to 25 pts (hr 3) in 20 inn 22.09.2023 3C Summer Cup 2023
Canturk, Kenan (CH) vs. Dmitriev, Ivan (DE) 18 pts (hr 4) to 13 pts (hr 3) in 30 inn 13.09.2023 3C Summer Cup 2023

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