Ongoing tournaments

International Cinque Birilli Team League #1: Five Pins tournament for teams from 16.10.2023

International Three Cushion Team League #1: Three Cushion tournament for teams from 08.04.2024

Five Pins Team Relay Tournament: Five Pins tournament for teams from 09.06.2023

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Match Result Date Tournament
Momentums Züri (CH / Zurich) vs. Yoshikigoi (PL / Turek) 135:150 (pts) and 2:1 (relay pts) 15.02.2024 Five Pins Team League #1
BBC Basel (CH / Basel) vs. Momentums Züri (CH / Zurich) 140:150 (pts) and 0:3 (relay pts) 02.02.2024 Five Pins Team League #1
Primo Acchito (IT / Schio) vs. Yoshikigoi (PL / Turek) 150:130 (pts) and 3:0 (relay pts) 29.01.2024 Five Pins Team League #1