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Match Date Time Tournament
Driessen, Ernst-Jan (NL) vs. Riml, Jimmy (AT) 30.11.2022 09:30 5P Home Tour Oct 2022
Garavaglia, Luca Marzio (IT) vs. Tschander, Andreas (CH) 30.11.2022 18:00 5P Home Tour Oct 2022

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Match Result Tournament
Gajs, Zoran (AT) vs. Truong, Tay-Dien (DE) 1:4 3C Home Tour Oct 22
Gorgoni, Antonio (CH) vs. Tschander, Andreas (CH) 2:0 5P Home Tour Oct 22
Antonazzo, Cosimo (CH) vs. Tschander, Andreas (CH) 0:2 5P Home Tour Oct 22

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