We stand for a sustainable positive contribution to environmental protection and to social, sporting & economic development in the billiard world.

On this page we bring together our current initiatives and content on important topics of our time, to which we want to make a constructive contribution in the billiard world. Environmental protection and social development in general are especially close to our hearts. Our Impact campaign has no end date, we are constantly expanding and curating this collection. It is intended to make our lasting commitment and dedication to sustainable resource conservation through green technology and socio-economic advancement tangible in the billiard world and to help raise awareness.

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Our system for remote billiards with its patented technology makes it possible to play billiards internationally without having to travel. With the MWS system, you can play billiards from home anywhere in the world without having to travel to remote locations, which is time-consuming, costly or environmentally harmful. Saving time, protecting the environment and saving money are therefore quasi inclusive services for all users of the MWS system. As a consequence, this means more time for family and friends, better air to breathe due to less air pollution, and more budget for other (more important) expenses.

And then there may also be a bit of sports politics: We always strive to ensure more fair distribution of prize money. Since August 8th 2011, the day on which the very first MWS tournament took place, we have been using wide-ranging prize money keys, which should take into account as many players as possible as well as the organizing MWS locations. With a few exceptions (invitation tournaments), access to our prize money tournaments is open to all MWS users and not just reserved for professionals. We do all of this to promote the broadest possible base of all those involved who are all in the same boat. It is undeniably one of our business ideas to give as many users and locations as possible attractive incentives - but it still helps.

Together we can shape the future.

What do you see critically? What thematic suggestions and wishes do you have? What should our tournaments look like to promote the development of billiard sports? Join our campaign and share your thoughts and ideas with us!

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