Franchising license model for commercial sales of MWS systems and customer support. Franchisee revenues and franchisee requirements.

Our classics for distributors and soul mates: franchising. The business model includes the commercial sale of MWS systems under license in a specific region and the associated support of customers and MWS locations. Our franchisees are rewarded for their services according to their agreements with us. The earnings of the franchisees are made up of one-time and ongoing incomes in order to be able to develop constant streams of income. MWS is the franchisor. Companies as well as locations and private individuals can become self-employed franchisees.

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The franchisee's services include the distribution and sale of systems and on-site services (customer support and training, technical maintenance and, depending on the agreement with the franchisor, also installation and commissioning of systems). The franchisee is remunerated for the services rendered in accordance with his agreement with the franchisor. The license fees that the franchisee has to pay to the franchisor comprise a share in the franchisee's one-time and ongoing revenues.

The one-time revenues for the franchisee include a sales commission or commercial margin for selling, leasing or renting of a system through the franchisee, as well as, if applicable, a commission for installation and commissioning.

The ongoing revenues for the franchisee include pro rata income from the monthly fees (software license / remote maintenance flat rate, leasing rate, rent) of a location that is serviced by the franchisee with on-site services (customer support and training as well as technical maintenance), as well as, if applicable, pro rata income from any training, tournament, betting and advertising fees of the serviced location.

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