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Current live streams

To start the live stream of a match or training session, simply click on the desired match or training pairing in the following list. In the video player, you will find the option to switch to full-screen mode (usually at the bottom right and only visible when you hover over it with your mouse or finger).

The live chat is only available to registered and logged-in MWS users. It opens when you call up a live stream.

  • Live chat info & data protection (GDPR)

    Our live chat is a shared chat room for all registered MWS users and only accessible to them / authentication necessary. Within this chat room, the messages are public for all participants (MWS username, chat message, time stamp of the message). The chat is used for communication and exchange within the MWS community, in particular for talking shop about the tournaments and matches in our live streams, which are provided here on the same page. All data collection, processing, storage and deletion takes place in-house and on our own server. All chat messages older than 24 hours are automatically deleted. More information on this can be found in our privacy policy. By using our chat, you agree to our privacy policy.

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We broadcast all MWS billiard tournaments live on our streaming platform. Our platform is like an online TV channel for tournaments, training sessions and games that are played and streamed worldwide via the MWS system. Our sports broadcasts are public and free. We show our international three cushion competitions, five pins tournaments, and much more.

You can also use our live platform for your own sporting events! You can find more on this topic in Event hosting tournament & streaming platform and How you can realize your own sports events with MWS.

The streaming functionality is integrated in all game modes of the MWS system and can be used for official tournament matches as well as for private training games. Before the start of each game, the players can decide whether they want to stream their match or training publicly. The ball tracking software of the MWS system is also integrated into the live streams. The streams run platform-independent in all common browsers and can be called up on smartphones, tablets, desktop devices and smart TVs.