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Use MWS as a tournament & streaming platform for your own tournaments. Organize sports events with MWS entirely according to your ideas.

Would you like to present your own sports events on MYWEBSPORT.COM? Then please get in touch with us to get started! You are the boss and organizer of your own events, we give you the platform for it.

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The basic organizational process for MWS tournaments consists of

  • a planning phase with clarification of dates and financing (sponsors) etc.,
  • the integration into our platforms,
  • the participant management,
  • the media announcement and promotion in the MWS network,
  • the processing on day X with live streaming and tournament administration
  • as well as the final coverage.

For our own MWS tournaments, we do everything in-house. We also offer our event hosting service for you for a fee (by arrangement). The financing of your events, including the provision of prize money, is excluded from our event hosting service. You are responsible for financing your events yourself. Nevertheless, we are happy to support you with our know-how in these questions.

Our agreements with you are as individual as your concepts and ideas are. Just talk / write to us!

Sports dashboard => MWS tournament platform with sports calendar & archive

Live sports => MWS streaming platform with live streams & live results

Condition for using our event hosting service is, how could it be otherwise, that your sporting events are played via the MWS system. But that comes naturally. After all, it is necessary to integrate the MWS system into your events in order to stream live on MYWEBSPORT.COM.

Tip: If you don't need all the trappings with marketing, tournament platform etc., but just want to stream your matches / training sessions live on MYWEBSPORT.COM, then you can do that for free at any time. From version 3.59 of the MWS system, the live streaming feature is available in all game modes.

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