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The 16-year-old German debuts on the MWS Home Tour in the recently started three cushion competition. Family duel in the parallel ongoing five pins tournament. All 100 matches LIVE.
[22 Apr 2024]
In January 2024, the International Three Cushion Team League, a relay format for club teams at all MWS locations worldwide, will start its first edition.
[24 Nov 2023]
Our pro/am tournaments offer prize money chances for everyone. What do you think: Who leads the all-time ranking and how many players make it into the prize money ranks on average?
[7 Nov 2023]
World-class performances, a whitewash and 100 hours of live coverage: That was the € 1,000 Summer Cup. Plus: The new ELO intermediate rankings are out.
[20 Oct 2023]
From home to the world: Probably the most climate-friendly billiards league in the world starts its operation. First edition with € 1,800 prize money and 8 teams from IT, CH, AT and PL.
[16 Oct 2023]
The new tournament season brings a mix of new and proven: Team League, Home Tour and ELO Rankings. The upcoming season at a glance.
[7 Sep 2023]
All summer long LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM the € 1,000 Three Cushion Summer Cup by Georg Schmied with players from AT, DE and CH. Powered by RocketReal.
[21 Jul 2023]
Efler and Monteforte win season events #4 on the Royal Pro Home Tour and lead the newly released discipline rankings.
[6 May 2023]
Sports thrives on tradition and change. If you only stand still, you take a step backwards. Topics of our time offer us the chance for further development.
[28 Apr 2023]
First tournament victory for Aniello Monteforte from Stuttgart in the five pins competition. Record champion Andreas Efler wins the three cushion tournament.
[8 Mar 2023]
Good for the wallet, good for the environment. Request your individual offer now.
[27 Feb 2023]
Record-breaking speed measurement in the course of installing the latest MWS system. Technical problem solved, location successfully connected to the MWS network. Welcome Pforzheim!
[7 Feb 2023]
Five pins sensation: Gorgoni inflicts first defeat on Garavaglia after 51 straight wins. Cycle #3 starts with Guinness world record holder Çay in the three cushion competition.
[14 Jan 2023]
The perfect addition to our Home Tour series. No more waiting for the next tournament. Play freely configurable tournament matches at any time.
[10 Jan 2023]
Andreas Efler leads in the three cushion discipline ranking, Ernst-Jan Driessen is the five pins leader.
[2 Jan 2023]
Blockbuster of the year: Official Guinness world record attempt by Ersin Dogan / Cemal Cay and Night Café / BC Stuttgart. Goal: Three cushion match over 50 hours.
[29 Nov 2022]
26 locations, 8 countries, 2 continents. New MWS location Primo Acchito opened in Schio. Garavaglia's location moved from Desio to Corteolona.
[14 Nov 2022]
The Italian maestro wins the first five pins tournament of the season and thus prolongs his triumphal march. Second Home Tour round started.
[20 Oct 2022]
Home Tour title #15 for record champion Andreas Efler, triple victory for Austria. Regulations of the new ELO ranking published.
[13 Oct 2022]
In Modica, a town with 50,000 inhabitants in the south of Sicily, the third MWS location in Italy was recently connected to the global MWS network.
[2 Oct 2022]
New Home Tour concept constantly brings LIVE sports to the screens and scheduling flexibility for the players. The new sports season at a glance.
[5 Sep 2022]
Befitting their status, the new champions triumphed in the season finale of the €10,000 Royal Pro Home Tour on June 4th/5th.
[6 Jun 2022]
Open match between Efler and Schmied for the three cushion crown. Relaxed show running for five pins overall winner Driessen jun.
[2 Jun 2022]
The ranking leaders Efler and Driessen win the penultimate Home Tour round with their teams and are on pole position before the season finale.
[23 May 2022]
Live and exclusively on MYWEBSPORT.COM: Which players are the best of the season and will be the 2021/22 Home Tour kings?
[19 May 2022]
Victory in the three cushion tournament, 12th Home Tour title in total and overall lead for Andreas Efler. Jimmy Riml wins the five pins tournament.
[9 May 2022]
May 7th/8th LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM two singles tournaments of the €10,000 Royal Pro Home Tour 2021/22 with players from AT, CH, DK, NL and PL.
[5 May 2022]
MWS users can now send their positions to professional players for analysis. A frequently mentioned feature request has now been taken into account.
[2 May 2022]
Title win #10 in the three cushion team tournament with Zoran Gajs, title #11 with his wife Brigitte in the five pins competition.
[25 Apr 2022]
This weekend LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM: Home Tour leaders Schmied and Driessen challenged by nine-time champion Efler.
[21 Apr 2022]
In the final spurt of the season, everything is at stake. 4 tournaments per discipline are still to be played. Schmied leads in 3C, Driessen in 5P.
[14 Apr 2022]
New financing model offers huge savings potential for locations and enormous advertising potential for sponsors. Win:Win for both partners!
[18 Mar 2022]
The Italian is now sole record champion. Erlangen's Truong celebrated his third success of the season in the three cushion tournament.
[7 Mar 2022]
LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM the € 10,000 Home Tour 2021/22. Schmied leads the three cushion ranking. Five pins maestro Garavaglia wants title #10.
[3 Mar 2022]
Green business ideas for your profit: Advertising packages for marketers, investments for investors and franchise models for distributors.
[18 Feb 2022]
Are you looking for the right platform for live streaming, marketing & result management for your tournament ideas? We have something for you.
[11 Feb 2022]
Part 1 of 3 of our new series "(Business) ideas" deals with the different sources of income for MWS players, coaches and locations.
[4 Feb 2022]
The Dutch doubles Driessen jr. / Kroonen triumphs in the five pins tournament without losing a set. Schmied / Truong capture the three cushion title.
[31 Jan 2022]
LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM this weekend 2 team events from the Royal Pro Home Tour. Three cushion on Saturday (Jan 29), five pins on Sunday (Jan 30).
[28 Jan 2022]
After 374 tournaments, the €50,000 barrier was broken. Time for a brief outline of the 10-year MWS sports history.
[17 Jan 2022]
January 15/16, LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM. Three cushion on Saturday with record champion Efler and ranking leader Schmied, five pins on Sunday.
[13 Jan 2022]
International Heineken Open on Epiphany, LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM. A three cushion prize money tournament by Georg Schmied, held over MWS.
[4 Jan 2022]
In this year's last cycle, the ATSV Erlangen team triumphed in the three cushion tournament, the "Oranje" from Helmond won the five pins competition.
[22 Nov 2021]
LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM this weekend 2 team tournaments of the Royal Pro Home Tour. Three cushion on Saturday (Nov 20), five pins on Sunday (Nov 21).
[18 Nov 2021]
The fight for the Home Tour 3C crown was decided in an open exchange of blows between the title contenders. Efler won the 5P tournament.
[25 Oct 2021]
This weekend LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM: A squad of top players hungry for victory chases the 8-time triumphator of the previous season.
[21 Oct 2021]
The Swiss team with Cantürk and Cetin triumphs in the three cushion tournament, the Polish team with Driessen and Kroonen in the five pins tourney.
[11 Oct 2021]
Free live streams on 9/10 October from 10:00. Three cushion and five pins doubles with teams from AT, CH and PL. And of course with the MWS system.
[7 Oct 2021]
Our summer tournament ends with a quadruple victory for the Innsbruck players. On October 6th starts the new season with €10,000 season prize money.
[1 Oct 2021]
On October 6th the Rapido tournament series (30x) starts, on October 9th/10th the Royal Pro Home Tour (20x). All dates and innovations at a glance.
[3 Sep 2021]
From July 1st to September 30th, MWS users can join in the tournament at any time. Either three cushion and/or five pins may be played.
[29 Jun 2021]
The private location near Eindhoven was connected to the MWS network last weekend, which now opens up 253 connections.
[28 Jun 2021]
On July 1st the Summer Cup starts, a relaxed 3C and 5P tournament format. The Home Tour is now taking its summer break and will be back in September.
[21 Jun 2021]
Free livestreams on June 19/20. Once again it will be exciting before summer break with two international prize money tournaments over the MWS system.
[17 Jun 2021]
Team Yoshikigoi with Ernest and Jeroen Driessen triumphs in the five pins competition. The Viennese team with Efler, Müller and Gajs wins superior.
[7 Jun 2021]
This weekend LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM two international prize money tournaments of the Royal Pro Home Tour series. It's played over the MWS system.
[3 Jun 2021]
Schurli's Base Camp with Efler and Schmied triumphed in the 3 cushion tournament, MPS / DI Mario Prantl with Ofner and Riml won the 5 pins tournament.
[23 May 2021]
Free livestreams on May 22nd and 23rd. The new MWS location at Georg Schmied (AT) joins the Royal Pro Home Tour with title ambitions.
[21 May 2021]
The Italian doubles team with Garavaglia and Turatti wins superior in front of teams from AT and CH, Efler celebrates his fifth Home Tour title.
[9 May 2021]
Free livestreams on May 8/9, from 10:00: International contest mood in two tournaments with the MWS system and players from DE, AT, CH, IT, PL and DK.
[6 May 2021]
The two new Royal Pro Home Tour champions dominated the competition. Garavaglia won the five pins tournament for the sixth time en suite.
[25 Apr 2021]
Since start of the year € 48,000, 1,000 h and 15 t CO₂ have been saved on the tour compared to classic tournaments. The MWS system makes it possible.
[22 Apr 2021]
Outstanding: Garavaglia triumphed for the fifth time in a row and is still unbeaten. Who can vanquish the Italian?
[12 Apr 2021]
And on we go with our Home Tour! € 7,000 were played out in the winter quarter, Efler was the champ. Let's see who will be in the lead in spring.
[8 Apr 2021]
The dominance of the Italian in the five pins competition remains unabated high despite his first set loss. Efler is the new three cushion champion.
[28 Mar 2021]
All matches LIVE this coming weekend. Royal Pro Home Tour with free live streams for all online fans and € 1,000 prize money for the players.
[25 Mar 2021]
He describes MWS as the "natural next step." Now the Italian grandmaster is passing on his know-how in professional training sessions via MWS.
[18 Mar 2021]
The titles remain in Germany and Italy. Truong wins for the first time. Garavaglia wins en suite for the third time and remains unbeaten again.
[15 Mar 2021]
Free live streams on March 13/14. Garavaglia so far unbeaten in five pins competition. Everything open in the three cushion tournament.
[11 Mar 2021]
Superior title win for the German in the three cushion tournament. The Italian prolonged his incredible run of success in the five pins competition.
[1 Mar 2021]
February 27/28, from 10:00 am. Royal Pro Home Tour with € 1,000 prize money for the players and free streams for all online fans.
[25 Feb 2021]
Two prize money tournaments of the Royal Pro Home Tour series took place last weekend. They were played via MWS system at locations in 4 countries.
[15 Feb 2021]
Royal Pro Home Tour on 13/14 February. We broadcast all matches live and connect the tournament venues with MWS. € 1,000 prize money for the players.
[11 Feb 2021]
The major Italian club near Milan was connected to the MWS network last weekend.
[8 Feb 2021]
The final of the Weekly High Run series and 2 competitions of the Royal Pro Home Tour took place on 30/31 January via MWS. € 1,982 were played out.
[1 Feb 2021]
International MWS tournament format with € 1,000 total prize money for the players and free streams for the online fans.
[28 Jan 2021]
22 kg CO₂, 144 hours and € 7,195 were saved in resources alone at the last Home Tour event compared to classic tournaments.
[26 Jan 2021]
They triumphed in the prize money tournaments last weekend and will be the hunted ones at the next tour event on January 30/31.
[18 Jan 2021]
Royal Pro Home Tour with € 1,000 total prize money for the players and live broadcast of all matches for the spectators.
[14 Jan 2021]
4 countries, 8 cities, 25 hours live broadcast: Home Tour Series celebrated its premiere. On January 16/17 and 30/31 the next tournaments follow.
[5 Jan 2021]
January 1st and 2nd, from 10:00am. Free streams and all results in our dashboard. Two tournaments via MWS with a total of € 1,000 prize money.
[30 Dec 2020]
2 international tournaments via MWS with € 1,000 total prize money, per tournament € 500. Three cushion and five pins. All matches in the livestream.
[17 Dec 2020]
Highly scalable simultaneous training sessions with professionals. At all MWS locations worldwide at the same time. Plus public livestreams.
[4 Dec 2020]
Distance learning is a dictate of the moment for organized sports. With MWS, the German Billiard Union relies on innovative solutions.
[1 Nov 2020]
Live broadcasts with path line analyzes in real time from MWS tournaments, matches and trainings. Free for all MWS users. On smartphones & Co.
[28 Oct 2020]
After the High Run is before the High Run. The popular MWS tournament format comes with two innovations. Mission title defense for Erlangen.
[1 Oct 2020]
About 300 players currently have access to a MWS system in their club. The new venue is located at Ernst Driessen in Turek.
[24 Sep 2020]
The anniversary edition of our three cushion tradition tournament Weekly High Run with a total prize money of € 1,000 was firmly in German hands.
[22 Sep 2020]
On smartphones, tablets and desktop devices. With program for current broadcast dates. Exclusively & free of charge for MWS users.
[11 Sep 2020]
The invention of a Tyrolean allows three cushion players from all over the world to play against each other from home.
[27 Apr 2020]