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Make money as a player, coach & location

Sources of income from MWS sporting events. Prize money, trainer fees & location funding.

The very first MWS tournament took place on 8th August 2011, a competition of the tournament series Weekly High Run, which later developed into a cult format. From our beginnings to the present day, we have hosted countless prize money tournaments for the MWS community and will continue to do so. On 16th January 2022 and after 374 tournaments, the time had come: The total sum of all prize money paid out at MWS tournaments up to that point rose to over €50,000.

We are particularly happy about the small contribution that we can make to the development of pro/am-sports. Because with a few exceptions (invitation tournaments), access to our prize money tournaments is open to all MWS users and not just reserved for professionals.

Sports dashboard => all info about the MWS tournament operation

In addition to the general attractiveness enhancing for MWS locations to have an MWS system, we also fund the hosting locations in many tournament formats with proportionate prize money (usually 10%) of their winning athletes. Another way for locations to make money from sporting events is to organize their own events.

Event hosting => organize sports events with MWS entirely according to your ideas

Professional trainers can offer their services for the MWS community on our booking platform. The professional players and top trainers Efler, Garavaglia and Schmied can currently be booked for remote trainings with the MWS system. The income from the bookings is divided between the trainers and MWS according to a certain key, currently 90% remain as a fee for the trainers and 10% as an administration fee for MWS.

Trainer booking => booking platform for remote trainings with pros

If you would like to become an official MWS coach, please get in touch with us at

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