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Locations, worldwide: 20 (19 in Europe, 1 in Asia)
Locations, countries: Germany (10), Austria (4), Switzerland (2), Denmark (1), Greece (1), Italy (1), South Korea (1)
Combination possibilities of two locations (connections to unique location pairs): 190

Our locations are venues with MYWEBSPORT systems. 20 locations worldwide are currently spread over 2 continents, 7 countries and 18 cities / places. About 300 players who currently have access to a system in their own club form the MYWEBSPORT community. Most of our locations are billiard clubs, which are open to the public. Information about opening hours & co can be found on the websites of the locations.

In our location network currently 190 different combinations of two locations are possible. Figuratively MYWEBSPORT acts as a main station, through which each location can connect to any other location. What is known as a public transport network map, conforms at MYWEBSPORT the combination possibilities of two locations resp. the connections to unique location pairs. Our means of transport, with which one can travel virtually from location A (station A) via MYWEBSPORT (central station) to location B (station B), is neither train nor plane - but the Internet.

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