Our advertising package for your international reach: Online advertising in the MWS live streams, at the MWS locations and on the MWS website.

The aim of advertising has always been to maintain the public image of institutions of all kinds or to attract public attention to products of all kinds in order to promote their sales and win customers. It is always about being perceived positively by defined target groups and creating wishes that can be fulfilled (for a fee) by the advertising institutions or product providers. This undertaking is all the more difficult in today's media overload. It has become anything but a matter of course to be noticed at all with one's own advertising. Marketers worldwide are therefore constantly looking for the best advertising spaces for their customers.

Advertising space in digital media with international reach and a broad target audience is in great demand. And that's exactly where we have an attractive offer for you. For high visibility of your advertising, we rent advertising space directly in our live streams. On our streaming platform MYWEBSPORT.COM/LIVE we broadcast all our billiard tournaments and sporting events live, public and free. There are several hundred matches & co that we stream per sports season. The current live streaming program is published in our broadcast calendar, where the previous live dates are also archived and can be viewed. Your advertisements are displayed in banners that are integrated into the streams. The highlight of the advertising placements directly in the streams is that the viewers cannot help but watch. Besides, ad blockers don't stand a chance with us.

In addition to the live stream banners, our advertising package includes a few other extras, namely the presentation in other usage modes of the MWS system and on our website. Our advertising package includes:

  • The display of an advertising banner in the live streams of tournaments, matches and trainings that are played with the MWS system and broadcasted publicly and freely accessible on our website,
  • the display of an advertising banner in the live streams of remote games and remote trainings, which are streamed on the large screen of the systems at the MWS locations,
  • the display of an advertising banner in the scoreboards of local games and local trainings, which are displayed on the large screen of the systems at the locations,
  • the full-screen display of a logo on the large screen of the systems at the locations when the system is not in use,
  • and the presentation on our website.

Companies as well as locations and private individuals can become cooperation & advertising partners. The net price for our partners is € 40 per advertising banner per month. Locations that acquire partners for MWS receive a pro rata commission.

Tip: If you are looking for even more exclusive advertising space and partnerships, then location naming could be just the right thing for you. More about this in Financing option title sponsorship.

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The advertising banners are shown alternately for 3 minutes each in a loop. On average, each banner is shown for 30 minutes per MWS system / location and day, on heavily used systems (and therefore heavily frequented locations with a large audience), the average value is 1 hour and more. The advertising banners achieve the greatest reach in the live broadcasts of our tournaments, which are streamed publicly and freely available to everyone on our website.

Tip: Sustainability and business complement each other perfectly! We have green business ideas for your profit. More about this in How you can make your business sustainable with MWS.

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