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Investments for future-oriented capital investments. Returns by investing in green MWS technology. Strategies for large and small investors.

Achieving returns - we all want that for our investments, that is our economic striving. Nowadays, another requirement in business has sometimes been added, the aspect of sustainability. Many of us only want to support projects with their services, that make a positive contribution to society and the environment. This awareness of the scope of our decisions, for example when choosing between different financial products, has increased massively in recent years.

"Making money with money and being able to look at yourself in the mirror at the same time", as a friend of ours once put it. To what extent this reflects your opinions, everyone can judge for themselves. We would like to remind you, as mentioned in the beginning, of the consequences of decisions when choosing financial products and of the aspect of sustainability in general. We are openly committed to environmental protection and are proud to invest our know-how in green technology. Of course, with more capital, our efforts would go even faster, because IT development always costs a lot of money.

For the purpose of raising capital, we therefore have various capital investment models in our portfolio for you. Yields, terms and all other details are to be agreed with us individually. We welcome large and small investors who can identify with our green technology policy and who want to benefit from an innovative start-up with unique growth potential.

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MWS is an innovative start-up with unique growth potential of over 1 million players, over 10,000 locations and the opening up of new markets. Our patented technology makes us unique.

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Investors support MWS as funders for the further development and marketing. Investments are possible from a net amount of € 250. Companies as well as locations and private individuals can become investors.

Tip: Sustainability and business complement each other perfectly! We have green business ideas for your profit. More about this in How you can make your business sustainable with MWS.

Every economic cooperation with us is an investment in green technology and a commitment to environmental protection. Our business offerings are all based on the same triple-win concept: Our customers benefit from our services, we benefit from the revenues from our services, and the environment benefits from the fact that with these revenues we can continue our green technology path.