Features MWS 3.0

MYWEBSPORT 3.0 is a high-end masterpiece that makes dreams come true. The third MYWEBSPORT generation is the strongest ever. Ball tracking is the top feature in MWS 3.0 and marks a milestone in technical development. MWS 3.0 records the path lines of the balls, saves them and provides further applications.

MYWEBSPORT 3.0 is now available, MWA next 100 offers the ideal tariff model.

In the course of the development of the new ball tracking top-feature, the software of the MYWEBSPORT system was developed further at all levels. Various optimizations were made, bugs were fixed and the user interface was completely redesigned. Sharing was also completely overhauled in MWS 3.0, sharing possibilities were immensely extended and thus connect the MYWEBSPORT community even stronger. Together with ball tracking, users can now easily let their games be analyzed by MYWEBSPORT coaches worldwide, friends can share their big points ... and much more.

MWS 3.0 is not an upgrade, but a quantum leap into the future. Enjoy your technological advantage already today.