Playing billiards internationally, without having to travel. From home with the MWS system. Time saving, environmental protection and cost saving.

Billiards has been around for hundreds of years and we're not reinventing it. But we create opportunities that are not possible without MWS. Do you sometimes have no opponents to play? ... well, just switch on MWS and play worldwide! Liberated from the location dependence of both players tied to the same billiard table, it does not matter if you play in Berlin and your buddy in Seoul, we connect you with green MWS technology.

The MWS system is a computer system of hardware and software that is installed locally at a billiard table and that allows you to connect to any other MWS location worldwide to play with each other. A good insight into the system structure, the application possibilities as well as benefits and advantages for our customers gives you our explainer video:

How MWS works, what you can do with it & what benefits it brings you

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MWS is an IT and laser based solution for semi-virtual table-to-table billiards at remote locations. Players from different locations virtually meet in a multimedia conference circuit and play real billiards together with cue and balls on a real table and in real time.

MWS makes players independent of natural limitations at their locations, by giving them access directly at their locations to a non-local but global pool of players, coaches and tournaments - without having to travel time consuming, cost-intensive or in an environmentally harmful way to remote locations. MWS is climate friendly and family friendly.

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MWS has made it its mission to create a global network of locations for players and clubs to bypass local resources limitations with the help of a strong community. Vision is the development of millions of players and tens of thousands of clubs worldwide. MWS is independent, patented and currently available for carom billiards.

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