Release live streaming feature for real time broadcasts of MWS tournaments, trainings and matches on the Internet

On smartphones, tablets and desktop devices. With program for current broadcast dates. Exclusively & free of charge for MWS users.

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Blog entry from 2020-09-11

On our website we offer MWS users exclusive and free access to livestreams of tournaments, matches and trainings that are played via the MWS system. The streaming functionality is integrated in all game modes and can be used for official tournament matches as well as for private training games. Before the start of each game, the players can decide whether they want to stream their match or training publicly.

You can find the current broadcast dates of our tournaments & Co in our program. If you want to publicly announce livestreams of your self-organized matches and trainings in our agenda (which of course you don't have to), write to us in good time to, we will be happy to include your streams in our program calendar.

From version 3.59 of the MWS system, the public streaming of matches and trainings is available in all game modes, whereby the consent of both players (both MWS users who are logged into the MWS system and connected to one another in one of the game modes) is required for the public streaming and can be submitted in the game configuration before the start of the game. The MWS livestreams are made available on the MWS website. The streams run platform-independent in all common browsers and can be called up on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and smart TVs.

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