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22 kg CO₂, 144 hours and € 7,195 were saved in resources alone at the last Home Tour event compared to classic tournaments.

Blog entry from 2021-01-26

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An information from MWS mastermind Jimmy Riml to all those for whom sustainability is an important topic:

In the future, our tournaments will receive a stamp for sustainability. Ecological, economic and social aspects are compared to assess sustainability. This applies to CO₂ emissions, additional travel and accommodation costs and the time all participants spend on their trips. The difference between the tournament in question via MYWEBSPORT and a tournament with the same participants at a location selected as centrally as possible is stated.

We want to emphasize that it makes a lot of sense to organize international tournaments via MYWEBSPORT.

The sustainability stamp for the Royal Pro Home Tour on 16/17 January 2021: 22 kg CO₂ - € 7,195 - 144 hours

Table with all details and calculation of the values (PDF)

I hope that this will generate your interest and look forward to your statements. Of course, constructive criticism is also welcome.



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On behalf of the MYWEBSPORT team, I remain with sporty greetings --- Jimmy