Welkom Nederland! New MWS location at Ernst-Jan Driessen, worldwide location network now with 23 locations in 9 countries

The private location near Eindhoven was connected to the MWS network last weekend, which now opens up 253 connections.

Blog entry from 2021-06-28

Ernst-Jan is a billiard allrounder. So far he has achieved most successes in pool billiards, but he is also a two-time Dutch champion in five pins billiards and enjoys playing three cushion. Together with his father, Ernst Driessen, he plays in the Dutch five pins national team. Driessen senior runs his own MWS location in Turek, Poland, where Ernst-Jan got to know the MWS system.

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With the connection of the first Dutch location to our network, each MWS location currently has 22 other locations available for a remote connection in order to play and train with each other. Overall, the number of different combinations of two locations, that can connect with each other, has grown to 253. About 300 players who currently have access to a system in their own club form the MWS community.

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Helmond is a town with around 90,000 inhabitants in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, about 15km eastern of the city of Eindhoven.