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On our booking platform you can book professional players for individual remote trainings with the MWS system and shot analysis on demand.

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It is well known that you learn best from the best. Things get even better if you can train regularly under professional guidance. Only then can a sustainable increase in performance be achieved. Regular training sessions with professionals used to be a privilege of large performance bases. All other players and clubs rarely benefited from high-quality courses, and the positive training effect was then often only short-lived due to the lack of regularity. Luckily it's different today. With the MWS system, players at all MWS locations worldwide have the permanent opportunity to train with top international coaches.

On our booking platform the international top players and renowned top coaches Andreas Efler (three cushion), Luca Marzio Garavaglia (five pins) and Georg Schmied (three cushion) can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis on demand. Remote trainings are individual trainings with free appointments between coach and student, the training contents can also be discussed at will. In remote trainings, coaches and students are connected remotely via the MWS system.

With shot analysis on demand, the coach analyses specific shots from the student's matches or training folders that have been recorded with the MWS system. The student releases the desired positions to the trainer for analysis via the sharing feature of the MWS system. The shots are then analysed by the coach with regard to the correct choice of solution and realization and made available to the student in a timely manner via the preferred (booked) way. The great advantage of our on demand analyses is that students and coaches are independent of each other's appointments. You can choose between two visualization variants for the analyses:

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Andreas Efler

"Since I use MWS for my training I can eliminate weaknesses in my play more precisely. The training becomes much more efficient. Furthermore the system allows me to teach players all over the world without wasting time and money for travelling."

Andreas Efler, Austria | World Cup winner, vice Team World champion, Austrian champion & more

Andreas Efler can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis. Three Cushion, all playing levels. |

Luca Marzio Garavaglia

"MWS is the natural next step towards teaching, developing and playing 5 pins in the world. The innovation taken by this system overwhelmes any other tracking system and allows the player to repeat and analyze any single shot anytime and anywhere in the world, also from remote."

Luca Marzio Garavaglia, Italy | ESPA Team European champion, Rouen tournament winner, Italian champion & more

Luca Marzio Garavaglia can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis. Five Pins, all playing levels. |

Georg Schmied

"MYWEBSPORT enables worldwide, playful possibilities, without harming the environment. The active contribution to environmental protection is an affair of the heart for me."

Georg Schmied, Austria | Royal Pro Cup Oosterhout final round participant, Team Austrian champion & more

Georg Schmied can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis. Three Cushion, all playing levels.