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Trainer booking

Professional remote trainings via MWS with Zanetti, Horn, Efler and Garavaglia. Individually assembled for all playing levels. Book now.

MWS users can book the professional players and top coaches Marco Zanetti (three cushion), Martin Horn (three cushion), Andreas Efler (three cushion) and Luca Marzio Garavaglia (five pins) for remote trainings with the MWS system. Due to the location-independence of trainers and students, MWS users can train regularly under the professional guidance of trainers, because they are not dependent on the physical presence of a trainer at their location. The regularity of training sessions sustainably increases the training effect.

The MWS trainers arrange training dates and training contents personally and individually with their students after booking. A popular training setup is the structuring into game, analysis and training. The MWS remote trainings are particularly well suited for individual trainings and group trainings with 2 students. Supported disciplines and playing strengths as well as costs and duration of the bookable training sessions are shown in the booking form.