First MWS location opened in Poland, worldwide location network now with 20 locations in 8 countries

About 300 players currently have access to a MWS system in their club. The new venue is located at Ernst Driessen in Turek.

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Blog entry from 2020-09-24

At the private location five pins billiards is mainly played. With the MWS system Ernst Driessen can play and train internationally from home without having to travel to another location.

With the connection of the first Polish location to our network, each MWS location currently has 19 other locations available for a remote connection in order to play and train with each other. Overall, the number of different combinations of two locations, that can connect with each other, has grown to 190. That is equivalent to the number of match pairings in a round robin tournament with 20 participants (locations).

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Turek is a small town with almost 30,000 inhabitants, about 175km west of the capital Warsaw. Nearby is Driessen's Koi farm (Yoshikigoi), the largest in Europe. Together with his son, he also plays regularly for the Dutch five pins national team.

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