This weekend LIVE: Premiere of the new team competition on the Royal Pro Home Tour

Free livestreams on May 8/9, from 10:00: International contest mood in two tournaments with the MWS system and players from DE, AT, CH, IT, PL and DK.

Blog entry from 2021-05-06

Playing international billiard tournaments in times of international travel restrictions, how should that work? The MWS system makes it possible! With innovative laser and video technology, the players do not go on trips themselves. They play online at their own billiard table at home and send the balls travelling.

The next two carom billiard tournaments in the Royal Pro Home Tour series, which is played entirely via the MWS system, will take place next Saturday and Sunday. A three cushion competition is played on Saturday (May 8th), a five pins competition on Sunday (May 9th). Tournaments and broadcasts start at 10:00am.

Both tournaments are endowed with prize money of € 500 each and are played in round robin mode. The three cushion tournament is held as a competition for individual players. The five pins tournament is held for the first time as a competition for teams of two who compete against each other in doubles.

In the five pins tournament, the matches are played in double mode on a long distance to 80 points. In this mode, both players from both teams play a match together. As basically defined in the five pins discipline, the opponent's turn comes after every shot by a player or team. The alternation of players within a team then takes place according to these criteria: You change either after the opponent has scored points or after you yourself have committed a foul. As long as one or the other is not the case, there will be no change.

These are the participating teams of the five pins tournament:

  • Team BC Basel: Cosimo, Antonazzi / Gorgoni, Antonio (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Team BC Desio: Garavaglia, Luca Marzio / Turatti, Andrea Giuseppe (Desio, Italy)
  • Team Momentum: Stam, Gerd / Tschander, Andreas (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Team MPS - DI Mario Prantl: Ofner, Frank / Parasiliti, Sergio (Innsbruck Location#2, Austria)
  • Team Power Turtles: Efler, Andreas / Efler, Brigitte (Hinterbrühl, Austria)
  • Team Yoshikigoi: Driessen, Ernest / TBA (Turek, Poland)
  • Team Zipfer: Riml, Jimmy / Sparer, Peter (Innsbruck Location#1, Austria)

The matches of the three cushion competition are played in the 3 points open end format on 3 winning sets (best of 5 sets). The 3 points open end format works as follows: Current runs are never interrupted when the set distance is reached, but always played to the end. As soon as a player has at least 3 points in a set, that set is "sharp". Then the opponent must at least equalize this score with his next inning in order to stay in the set. The set is played until a player can no longer meet the requirement "equalize or overtake" and thus loses the set.

These are the participants of the three cushion tournament:

  • Bengtsson, Kim (Store Heddinge, Denmark)
  • Cantürk, Kenan (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Driessen, Ernest (Turek, Poland)
  • Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl, Austria)
  • Erdtner, Mario (Innsbruck Location#2, Austria)
  • Riml, Jimmy (Innsbruck Location#1, Austria)
  • Truong, Tay-Dien (Erlangen, Germany)
  • Volbracht, Andreas (Berlin, Germany)

The prize money tournaments of the Home Tour series are played online over the MWS system at various MWS locations worldwide. All matches are streamed live and freely available to everyone on our website. Every two weeks, one three cushion and one five pins tournament take place. Access to these pro/am tournaments is open to all MWS users and not just for professionals. Every MWS user has the chance to participate and win prize money.

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