Mission title defense for the Austrian teams Schurli's Base Camp and MPS / DI Mario Prantl

This weekend LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM two international prize money tournaments of the Royal Pro Home Tour series. It's played over the MWS system.

Blog entry from 2021-06-03

It will not be easy for the Austrians to defend their titles on June 5th/6th against strong teams from 4 nations. Schurli's Base Camp (Rosenburg-Mold, AT) with lineup Georg Schmied and Reinald Bastl meets teams from Germany and Austria in the three cushion tournament. In particular, the Viennese team BC Elite with Manfred Müller (from 2pm Andreas Efler) and Zoran Gajs as well as the doubles team from Erlangen with Tay-Dien Truong and Andreas Schenkel are hot tips for the tournament victory. In the five pins tournament, the team MPS / DI Mario Prantl (Innsbruck, AT) with Jimmy Riml and Frank Ofner will be challenged by teams from Switzerland and Poland.

The three cushion competition is played on Saturday (June 5th), the five pins competition on Sunday (June 6th). Tournaments and broadcasts start at 10:00am.

The three cushion tournament is played as a Scotch Double team tournament. In this mode, both players from both teams play a match together. The matches are played in the 3 Points Open End format on 4 winning sets (best of 7 sets), the players of a team take turns after each shot.

These are the participating teams of the three cushion tournament:

  • Team ATSV Erlangen: Schenkel, Andreas / Truong, Tay-Dien (Erlangen, Germany)
  • Team BA Berlin: Attalla, Ikrami / Volbracht, Andreas (Berlin, Germany)
  • Team BC Elite: Gajs, Zoran / Müller, Manfred <=> Efler, Andreas (Vienna, Austria)
  • Team Schurli's Base Camp: Bastl, Reinald / Schmied, Georg (Rosenburg-Mold, Austria)
  • Team Zipfer: Erdtner, Mario / Riml, Jimmy (Innsbruck, Austria)

In the five pins tournament, the matches are played in double mode over a long distance to 120 points. In this mode, both players from both teams play a match together too. The players of a team take turns when the opposing team has scored points or when their own team has committed a foul.

These are the participating teams of the five pins tournament:

  • Team Momentum: Stam, Gerd / Tschander, Andreas (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Team MPS - DI Mario Prantl: Ofner, Frank / Riml, Jimmy (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Team Yoshikigoi: Driessen, Ernest / Driessen, Jeroen (Turek, Poland)

The prize money tournaments of the Home Tour series are played online over the MWS system at various MWS locations worldwide. All matches are streamed live and freely available to everyone on our website. Every two weeks, one three cushion and one five pins tournament take place. Access to these pro/am tournaments is open to all MWS users and not just for professionals. Every MWS user has the chance to participate and win prize money.

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